ACA 1094/1095 reporting

Baker Tilly Vantagen has been intimately involved with analyzing and understanding a wide range of ACA mandates since 2010. Our unique model marries expert-driven technology with employee-centric service delivery. When it comes to ACA compliance and 1095 reporting, an IRS exercise rooted in benefits enrollment and eligibility information, we offer a range of consultative expertise and supplemental service offerings:

Consultative support

Determining how 1095 reporting obligations apply to your organization (as an ALE or non-ALE, offering coverage or not, self-insured or fully-insured).

Assessing how your organization’s various employee types, benef ts eligibility rules, coverage and controlled group structure influence ACA reporting and hours tracking requirements.

Identifying the sources of reportable information based on your current infrastructure.

Evaluating internal and external options and costs for ACA reporting solutions.

Project managing the setup of your ACA reporting solution from start to finish.

Employee education and advocacy

Developing simplified communications materials that make the complicated – how to read a form or what a “measurement period” is – more elementary.

Allowing your employees to call our 1095 Help Line, where our trained representatives make it their mission to assist with a wide range of related topics.

Form 1095 print and fulfillment services

Using employee, benefits enrollment and covered dependent data provided from various sources and your coverage rules, we create the mapping that results in a populated Form 1095.

Our fulfillment operations can generate and mail IRS Form 1095 to your employees.

Forms 1094/1095 IRS transmittal

Our team will configure the reported data into the IRS-specified file formats and transmit them via the AIR system.

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