ACA 1094/1095 Reporting

Baker Tilly Vantagen has been intimately involved with analyzing and understanding a wide range of ACA mandates since 2010. Our unique model marries expert-driven technology with employee-centric service delivery. When it comes to ACA compliance and 1095 reporting, an IRS exercise rooted in benefits enrollment and eligibility information, we offer a range of consultative expertise and supplemental service offerings:

Consultative Support

• Determining how 1095 reporting obligations apply to your organization (as an ALE or non-ALE, offering coverage or not, self-insured or fully-insured).

• Assessing how your organization’s various employee types, benef ts eligibility rules, coverage and controlled group structure influence ACA reporting and hours tracking requirements.

• Identifying the sources of reportable information based on your current infrastructure.

• Evaluating internal and external options and costs for ACA reporting solutions.

• Project managing the setup of your ACA reporting solution from start to finish.

Employee Education and Advocacy

• Developing simplified communications materials that make the complicated - how to read a form or what a “measurement period” is - more elementary.

• Allowing your employees to call our 1095 Help Line, where our trained representatives make it their mission to assist with a wide range of related topics.

Form 1095 Print and Fulfillment Services

• Using employee, benefits enrollment and covered dependent data provided from various sources and your coverage rules, we create the mapping that results in a populated Form 1095.

• Our Fulfillment Operations can generate and mail IRS Form 1095 to your employees.

Forms 1094/1095 IRS Transmittal

• Our team will configure the reported data into the IRS-specified file formats and transmit them via the AIR system.

"BTV has made it easier to do my job as a Benefits Administrator”

- Sr. Manager of HR Services at a Technologies Company

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