FSA/HSA/HRA/Commuter Benefits

We are focused on satisfying the comprehensive needs of employers and participants. Our methodology is designed to yield high levels of satisfaction across all aspects of our benefits partnership. Baker Tilly Vantagen provides employers with complete control and customization options across a variety of accounts including:


• Health Care Spending Accounts

• Limited Use Health Care Spending Accounts

• Dependent Care Spending Accounts

• Health Savings Accounts

• Health Reimbursement Accounts

• Commuter Transit Spending Accounts

• Commuter Parking Spending Accounts

• Other types of Reimbursable Benefits (Tuition, Adoption, Wellness)

HSA Features

• Automated contribution/distribution setup from a personal checking or savings account

• Direct payment to provider

• Opt-in for email notifications such as low cash balance alerts and near IRS maximum contribution alerts

• Trusted and diverse investment account options

FSA Features

• Carrier claim integration

• Daily and Weekly participant reimbursement cycles

• Intelligent $500 carryover technology

• Comprehensive employer forfeiture reporting

HRA Features

• Offer an employer contribution amount in annual, monthly or custom accruals

• Customize eligible expenses, deductible and reimbursement amounts

• Vary your contribution amount based on your employees

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Technology + Service = A Happy Customer

When it comes to spending and savings accounts we’ve got it all:

• 24/7 Real time consumer/ Employer Access

• Mobile App & Text Alerts

• Pay Direct to Provider Options

• Third Party Carrier Integration

• Copay/Recurring Expense Matching

• Fast, Convenient Reimbursement

• Dedicated Implementation Team

• Ongoing Support Team

• Direct Certified Specialist Accessibility

• Welcome/Ongoing Communications

• Toll-Free Customer Support

• Engaged Leadership

One Solution Guarantee

We make it easy for both employers and employees to navigate spending and savings accounts. Enrollees only need to use one debit card, one online account, one app, and one website to access all their accounts.

Accounts Go Mobile!

myFlexDollars, Baker Tilly Vantagen’s online account platform, is also a convenient mobile app available on IOS and Google Play.

Educate your Employees

Baker Tilly Vantagen offers a variety of materials to help educate your staff, drive up participation, and make sure your employees are making the right financial decisions.

“We receive very positive feedback from our employees who love the Baker Tilly website and app and the ease of submitting claims.”

- VP of Benefits & Compensation at a major Hospital System

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