Employee communications

Are your benefits messages heard?  By new employees?  At annual enrollment?  Health Care Reform is making “yes” answers to these questions more important than ever.  The benefits world is changing, and employees stand to “miss the boat” on some very meaningful changes if they are not exposed to these changes via very effective, well executed benefits communications strategies.

Baker Tilly Vantagen specializes in developing highly professional, effective benefits communications materials:

Our communications team features a strong blend of graphic design and benefit-centric content expertise.  Our development efforts support a wide range of initiatives, from crafting the new hire and annual enrollment experiences to developing the materials that support specialized benefits campaigns – off cycle life insurance enrollments and Health Risk Assessment launches being two examples.

We maintain preferred partnerships with experienced printing vendors that enable us to deliver quality products on schedule and at or under traditional budgets.  Customization is key, and these partnerships enable us to match to the most exacting client specifications.

Development of these materials takes place with an eye toward consistency and clarity.  We want your employees to be able to make an immediate visual connection to your benefits program, and we want that connection to carry forward from pre-enrollment through post-enrollment and at all points in between.  Success is attained when your employees feel they can confidently make informed benefit decisions.  Then you really know your message has been heard.  Of course, having your CEO comment on how professional the benefits materials look is also a very good thing!