Employee communications

In Corporate America, green is good! Whether the reasons motivated by culture or cost reduction, more and more employers are implementing paperless solutions to facilitate key employee interactions.

Baker Tilly Vantagen offers a paperless, self-service Online Benefits Center which can be utilized for both Open Enrollment and new hire enrollments throughout the year as well as a centralized tool for accessing forms, plan documents and submitting Qualifying Life Event changes. Among the primary features of the web-based enrollment system include the following:

Ease of Use
The Baker Tilly Vantagen web interface focuses on providing a simple, easy to use enrollment experience.

24/7 Convenience
Employees can enroll at any time, from any web-enabled computer.

Flexible Access
A range of options can be accommodated when it comes to the protocol used to enable your employees to securely access the online enrollment system.

Secure Administrative Access
HR receives an administrative password that can be used to view and/or modify employee enrollments at any time.

Greater Control over Data
Employees can only see information and options that pertain to the benefits they are eligible to elect.

Online Library
Allows for electronic storage of forms, benefit materials, carrier links and general HR documentation.

Customized Design
Each site is customized to reflect your company’s identity – colors, images, logo, web address, etc.

Audit Features
All actions performed on the web, by employees and administrators, are time and date stamped. This means all actions can be tracked back to the originating source.

Want to take a test drive?
To “kick the tires” of the online experience, please contact us to schedule a live demonstration.

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