Employee Communications

A strong communications strategy is imperative to any Human Resource campaign, especially when it comes to benefits. That’s where our talented communications team comes in. Because our business is benefits, we know how to communicate them effectively. We craft innovative, cost-effective benefits communication materials that create a multi-channel campaign to boost engagement and increase understanding. All of our materials are 100% customizable to fit your organization’s brand and identity standards. We can even provide translation services to make sure that every employee receives communications that they can fully comprehend.

Print Media

From 20 page booklets to trifold brochures, Baker Tilly Vantagen guarantees to get your benefits information across to your employees in the way that best fits your population. Some examples of our print benefits communications materials include benefit guidebooks and summaries, enrollment forms, custom envelopes and letterheads, postcards, newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, benefit education materials, and promotional items (wallet cards, magnets, etc.). Baker Tilly Vantagen can accommodate any employee size and provide complete fulfillment services. We even provide you with the option to “go green” by printing on recycled paper!

Digital Media

Human Resources needs to keep up in the ever-changing world of technology to continue to effectively communicate with employees. That’s why Baker Tilly Vantagen offers complete digital benefits communications options. We can convert any of our printed materials into web-friendly content for posting online or distributing to your employees via email.

Videos and Presentations

Looking to grab your employees’ attention? Add a video to your benefits communication campaign! We have a variety of options to choose from including short animated videos to an in-depth benefit dissection lead by one of our voiceover specialists. Baker Tilly Vantagen can even create employee onboarding presentations that highlight your organization’s culture as well as educate employees about everything they need to do within the first few weeks of their employment.

Text Message Communication

While businesses are transitioning to text message marketing, many are missing out on the valuable benefits of communicating with employees via text message. Text messages have an impressive 98% read rate compared to email’s 20-30%. By utilizing text messages to provide quick, easily digestible benefits content to your employees, you increase your chances at achieving higher enrollments and engagement rates.

Decision Support with , Your Virtual Benefits Counselor

Chances are you’ve heard some buzz about ALEX by now. ALEX has helped thousands of employers in a wide range of industries bolster their enrollment and participation goals. Baker Tilly Vantagen is proud to have a longstanding partnership with ALEX to offer our clients and their employees an enhanced benefits communication experience. ALEX is a virtual benefits counselor that helped more than 18 million employees last year make smarter healthcare decisions that saved them—and their employers—surprising amounts of time and money.

• ALEX speaks in plain English – no insurance jargon

• The experience is highly interactive and engaging, using years of behavioral science and engagement data…and a friendly dose of humor.

• ALEX not only educates, but also makes tailored benefits recommendations based on the specific needs of employees and their families.

• It feels like you’re having a real conversation – with a benefits expert, no less

• ALEX can be accessed anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection, and is mobile friendly!

• It’s totally anonymous!

“Baker Tilly Vantagen’s employee communications are more comprehensive than other vendor’s. BTV works with our broker to make sure everything is included.”

- HR Manager at a Manufacturing Company

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