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We provide all types of International HR Consulting from Global Mobility policies, procedures, compliance.

Baker Tilly specializes in assisting organizations looking to attain international market traction by offering turnkey growth strategy formulation and execution that typically have them operating abroad within 12 months. With strong emphasis in the Americas and Asia, we are experts in some of the world’s fastest-growing, largest emerging economies such as Brazil, China, Indonesia, and Mexico.

Baker Tilly contributes to our clients’ success by helping them move from an unproven global growth model to a tried methodology customized to your organization and fully supported through the entire continuum of international market expansion. Well beyond plans—we help you implement your vision.

Our solution to growth is bolstered by solid market knowledge, an extensive network of contacts, and multinational advisors who are fluent in several languages. Furthermore, Baker Tilly can provide a specific combination of services to help address international regulatory and tax matters as an organization expands its global reach.

Import duty and tariff reduction
Import duties and tariffs, when not properly addressed, can significantly reduce a company’s ability to compete. Baker Tilly brings a unique, proprietary process and experienced professionals capable of significantly reducing, or fully eliminating, import tariffs on your products.

Global concern – Country-by-country reporting and transfer pricing
Income tax authorities worldwide increasingly focus on the prices that affiliated companies charge one another for goods, services, and intellectual property, an issue known as “transfer pricing.” Many tax authorities believe that multinational corporations manipulate transfer prices to reduce effective tax rates and deplete the global or local country tax base. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has responded with a 15-point action plan to combat base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS), and the G-20 nations, among others, have subscribed to its core principles. The United States too has finalized new requirements for country-by-country reporting and stepped up transfer pricing audits. Baker Tilly can assist our clients in minimizing audit and tax risks and meeting these new requirements.

Baker Tilly provides transfer pricing:

Global mobility
For an international business an exchange of labor can be very valuable but also expensive and an extreme administrative burden.

Through collaboration, the expatriate tax specialists of Baker Tilly and the employee benefits and human resource specialists at Baker Tilly Vantagen provide a full-service offering to international businesses.
When dealing with globally mobile employees, there are numerous questions to be answered from both a compliance as well as risk management perspective.

A global assignment does not only affect the employee’s tax position but also one’s remuneration package, social security position, and pension planning. An employer needs to know which payroll will remunerate the employee, whether there is an obligation for the company to report the salary to the authorities, withhold taxes, and make a social security contribution, or if is this done by the employee themselves.

The global mobility team regularly assists businesses and individuals with the following scenarios:

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