Employee communications

History has proven that retirees tend to keep the HR/Benefits staff on speed dial.  They aren’t afraid to call and ask questions – lots of questions – about the benefits they are afforded through your organization.

And rightfully so.  Many retirees have watched their benefits change significantly over the years due to such factors as the impact acquisitions and divestitures, retiree plan restructuring, insurer changes and national retiree benefit changes (Medicare Part D, anyone?).  Retirees are a special group that values its coverage and wants to make sure they understand and have access to it.

Baker Tilly Vantagen is capable of supporting the specialized needs of this population.  We provide comprehensive annual retiree enrollment support: communications, toll-free telephone support, enrollment processing and pension vendor coordination when applicable.  On an ongoing basis, we support the needs of both under and over age 65 populations – sending introductory materials to newly eligible retirees and coordinating the shifts from U65 to O65 plans.  We also collect retiree premiums and reconcile those collections with our clients.
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