COBRA/LOA/Retiree Administration

The comprehensive approach followed by Baker Tilly Vantagen is designed to assist you with the administrative duties associated with the COBRA, retiree and on leave employee groups to ensure timely, accurate services.

When combined with our benefits administration offering, these services allow for centralized delivery and single source accountability of key portions of the benefits experience. When contracted separately, employers take advantage of servicing units that are uniquely staffed and managed around the specialized requirements, policies and processes inherent within each unit.

Truly “hands on” COBRA services, that allow you to be “hands off” with your COBRA members.

• Daily notice distribution and payment processing

• Monthly invoicing, say goodbye to coupons

• Late payment notices

• Complete carrier eligibility management

• Open Enrollment information collection, system updates, packet preparation and distribution

• Online and paper form Open Enrollment

• Direct Specialist support

• Exceptional kit handling for executive severances, layoffs, etc.

• Robust automated and on-demand reporting

• Online member and employer access

Specialized Leave of Absence direct billing, a level of commitment to your leave program unlike any other.

• Custom direct billing welcome package

• Unique billing cycles including weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, yearly or semi-monthly

• HRIS data integration

• Custom billing and rate scheduled to support client leave policies and practices

• Return to work balance billing coordination

• Non-payment termination processing

• Premium collection and client reimbursement

Retiree program administration, simplifying continuation benefits for your most valued members.

• Specialized retiree welcome package

• Under to over age 65 plan change coordination

• Complete carrier eligibility management

• Employee and spouse split contract support

• Open Enrollment information collection, system updates, packet preparation and distribution

• Coordination with pension provider and/or employer for subsidized premium allocations

"With BTV's support of the Leave of absence process, we have been able to recuperate funding for missed benefit payments.”

- Benefits Administrator at a Hospital System

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