Employee communications

“Nikki Olsyzk was a long-time participant in Komen NEPA’s Race for the Cure, but after watching many people in her life affected by breast cancer, she eventually decided she wanted to be even more involved. She became a part of the committee in 2016, her first year “behind the scenes.” Olsyzk brings her BA in Business Management from Bucknell University as well as years of experience in the management field to the Komen team. As co-chair she has worked along with Eidenberg to help the NEPA race continue to grow and evolve.

This year the team launched a spring Ballroom Bazaar fundraising event that featured a boutique shopping experience at the Hilton Scranton Hotel and Conference Center. She says she continues to be inspired by, “Survivors, co-survivors and community members who come together to make a difference.” As a long-time racer, Olsyzk says that you can find her at the finish line with her camera on race day.”

                            -Happenings Magazine, September 2017 

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