Employee communications

Had any pizza parties lately?  You know, the gathering of staff with glue sticks in hand after normal business hours to stuff envelopes in order to get benefits material out to your employees?  It can be fun for a while, but it gets old fast – lining up resources, hauling all that mail, figuring out postage, and those darn paper cuts!

While email and the Internet help eliminate some of the burdens tied to the issuance of benefits materials, many employers cannot ensure that all employees have access to information through these mechanisms.  Home delivery still remains the most reliable option for ensuring that a message will make it in front of the most people in a given population.

Baker Tilly Vantagen maintains a fully functional fulfillment operation that is capable of assembling materials to a wide variety of specifications.  Among the types of mailings we handle on behalf of organizations include SPDs, enrollment kits, informational updates, change announcements, policies and notices, compensation/rewards statements, and many others.

Our fulfillment practice places a premium upon accuracy and quality.  Jobs are audited during production to ensure personalized materials are matched correctly.  Materials inspections are conducted pre and post-insertion to ensure materials leave our facility in pristine condition.

Speed also is a factor.  While actual turnaround time is dependent on job size and complexity, many projects hit the mail within 24 hours of receiving the applicable materials.

So the next time you’re inclined to schedule another fun night at the office for the team, think about us!
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