Wellness Program

Adding a wellness program to your benefits package is a simple way to invest in your employees and lower your healthcare expenditures. However, if your wellness program is not built, implemented, or supported correctly, your initiative may not make a positive impact.

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to drain your bank by investing in expensive carrier campaigns or intricate portals to execute a successful wellness program. With this in mind, every cost-effective wellness program developed by Baker Tilly is crafted around three central goals; to:

• Create an HRA debit style rewards program integrated with myFlexDollars

• Customized promotional materials and prizes

• Tie the Wellness Program into Total Compensation Statements

• Marketing campaigns

• Personalized brochures and guidebooks

• Educational guides

• Contests

• Prize Track Design

• Monthly newsletter

• Branded educational portal

• Text message campaign

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