It’s Not Too Late To Offer Valuable Identity Theft Benefits During Open Enrollment!

Identity Theft Protection Through Lifelock

There’s a pretty good chance that some of your employees have been impacted by the recent Equifax breach, which affected nearly 143 million people. Employees are worried and with good reason. According to a recent study, your employees are 11 times more likely to become a victim of identity fraud if they are notified of a breach.¹ Even months after a breach, the threat continues for victims.

How can you help protect your employees’ credit?
By offering LifeLock’s identify theft protection service through your employee benefits program. For a minimal amount per month, employees can rest easy that their family’s credit is protected, not just monitored.

Where does Baker Tilly Vantagen come in? First, as a preferred LifeLock partner, we offer pricing below the retail cost. Next, we help you to determine your product offering and cost sharing strategy, update enrollment system/process to include product offering, communicate to employees, enroll employees and integrate LifeLock into your monthly billing package.

You can have LifeLock up and running within days.
Is your Open Enrollment right around the corner? No problem! Baker Tilly Vantagen can roll out LifeLock in short order!

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1 2017 Identity Fraud Study, Javelin Strategy & Research