New York Sexual Harassment Law Changes: Is Your Organization Ready?


On April 12, 2018, New York’s Governor Cuomo signed the state budget, which includes a mandate that employers provide employees with annual sexual harassment training. In addition, the New York State Human Rights Law has been amended to now protect contractors, subcontractors, vendors, consultants and others providing services in the workplace from sexual harassment as well.  New York State law now prohibits nondisclosure clauses in any settlement or other agreement regarding sexual harassment unless the condition of confidentiality is the complainant’s preference. Effective dates are as follows:


Advice to Employers: What You Need to Do to Comply

Employers must:


How Baker  Tilly Vantagen Can Help Navigate Sexual Harassment Laws

Baker Tilly Vantagen is a full-service business consulting organization that has been providing HR, compliance and benefits administration services to clients for more than 20 years. Baker Tilly Vantagen professionals specialize in HR policy and procedure review and development, HR compliance audits and HR operational assessments, as well as training and compliance education. Our team offers a comprehensive approach to help your organization address current and future changes related to this law by:

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