Why Your Business Needs an HR Program Audit

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How does a company protect itself against the myriad of possible exposures that can impact its public image, brand, employee relations, and bottom line? More and more, the business tool of choice is the HR Program Audit. A human resources program audit assesses your level of compliance with federal and state laws and evaluates the effectiveness of your human resources function.

Why Audit HR?
The HR function plays an integral role in achieving financial success
through cost containment, reducing expenses, effective staffing and recruitment programs, reducing turnover, and loss prevention through legal compliance. Failure to comply with legal requirements can lead to assessment of significant fines and penalties. Additionally, failure to meet legal obligations may result in lawsuits, which are costly to defend and even more costly if lost. One lawsuit could cost you 100s of THOUSANDS of dollars!

Why Use Vantagen?
To obtain an objective assessment, allow us to conduct the review. We will work to understand your organization’s culture, goals and objectives, what you want to achieve, and how well you are performing. I will also help you determine the role HR is currently playing in supporting the achievement of those goals and how HR would manage or facilitate change initiatives.

In addition, the makeup, structure and size of the workforce, the number of locations and states involved, whether the company does business with government agencies or sub-contractors, and similar matters, will affect the scope of our HR Program Audit and the specific requirements to comply with federal, state and local labor laws.

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