Shaking off a B.A.D. Hangover Can Make a BIG Impact


It’s mid-December.  Prime time for Seasonal Affective Disorder and, for those operating calendar year plans, its sinister cousin: Benefits Affective Disorder or B.A.D..  The days have literally grown shorter while the work days have grown longer.  You’ve bopped between meetings to get renewals analyzed and scrutinized, plan open enrollments, educate employees, line up coverages and lock up deductions.  And health care reform made it all easier, right?

As a result, you’ve got a B.A.D. hangover!  You’re tired, grumpy and ready to go on “benefits cruise control” until at least the early Spring sun can warm your spirits.  But if you do that, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to make a big benefits impact with your employees.

January represents a great time to launch new benefits communications campaigns.  Think about it.  Maybe you just launched new programs – wellness incentives for example.  But if you showcased these programs during the November/December holiday season, it’s very possible no one was really paying attention.  Work and life may have caused your employees to tune out.  For this reason, if you want to get big value out of these programs, now is the time to amp up your benefits communications.  That’s right.  You’ll make a bigger impact by shrugging off that hangover and communicating more, not less, early in the plan year.

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