Finding your next HR leader

Industry: Higher Education
Employees: 2500+

After needing to replace the HR Director for the second time in that many years, this institution decided to try a different approach – place the recruitment process on hold and instead, try to figure out what they really needed in their next leader.

Rather than immediately begin another search for an HR Director, we worked with the University to develop a plan of attack. In order to conduct an effective, successful search, the client needed to identify the type of individual that they were looking for. To accomplish this we:

1. Conducted a full HR Audit & Assessment of the department including staff, policies, procedures and level of compliance.

2. A Baker Tilly Vantagen Senior Consultant served as the Interim HR Director while the audit & assessment was being conducted to not only gather first-hand information about the department but also to lend support to the HR team and the University’s leadership on a daily basis.

3. Prepared a detailed findings and recommendations report that was shared with University leadership.

4. As a result of the audit & assessment and Baker Tilly Vantagen’s insight into the needs of the HR department and the University’s culture, we developed a new profile for the HR Director position, formed a new search committee and began the recruitment process.

5. Baker Tilly Vantagen’s Senior Consultant remained in the interim role while the search was being conducted and once a candidate was identified, continued her involvement for an extended period of time to ensure a smooth transition.

By taking the time to figure out exactly what they needed in terms of an HR leader, the University successfully hired a new HR Director who has now been in place for more than one year. Baker Tilly Vantagen was also engaged to assist with the implementation of multiple recommendations from the audit & assessment report. These initiatives have already led to financial savings for the University. The HR department is on its way to establishing itself as the resource it should be.