2024 HSA limit increase announce – most significant yet

The IRS recently announced the largest increase yet to Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution limits. With the rising costs of medical care and an increased focus on personal financial responsibility, this adjustment in HSA contribution limits holds substantial significance for individuals and families.

Limits increased
As of 2024, the HSA contribution limits will see a notable increase, providing individuals and families an opportunity to set aside more funds for healthcare expenses and save for the long-term. For self-only coverage, the contribution limit has risen to $4,150 per year, while for family coverage, it has increased to $8,300 per year. This represents an increase of more than 7% each, much more significant than the historical increases. HSA account holders nearing retirement (age 55 or older) can enjoy an additional $1,000 catch-up contribution added to the annually adjusted limits.

Benefits of an HSA
Individuals and families can now set aside a larger portion of their income for healthcare expenses, allowing them increased flexibility to prepare for unexpected medical costs and mitigation of rising healthcare expenses. HSAs are uniquely positioned with tripe-tax benefits. Contributions are tax-deductible, growth is tax-free and withdrawals for eligible healthcare expenses are not taxed. By contributing the maximum amount permitted, individuals can take full advantage of these tax benefits.

HSAs can be leveraged as a key tool in a retirement savings strategy. The funds can be utilized in retirement for medical expenses or act as an additional source of savings for other purposes. HSAs provide flexibility as these accounts are portable and independent of employment, providing the option to change jobs and insurance plans without losing access to the funds. Funds also rollover from year to year, unlike an FSA, allowing funds to accumulate and grow over time.

In conclusion
The increase in HSA contribution limits marks a significant step towards promoting individual financial responsibility in managing healthcare costs. This adjustment offers enhanced tax advantages and long-term savings potential. A wise retirement strategy will include an HSA alongside other retirement savings vehicles.


2024 2023 Change
HSA contribution limit Self-only: $4,150
Family: $8,300
Self-only: $3,850
Family: $7,750
Self-only: +$300
Family: +$550
HSA catch-up contributions (age 55 or older) $1,000 $1,000 No change