Protecting Our Base (You’re Welcome!)

At Baker Tilly Vantagen, we have the unique perspective of being both an administrator bound to protect information for a whole host of reasons who also sits within direct observance of insurers and other entities that are obligated to do the same. This past year we noticed two particular trends that got us thinking (and acting). The first thing we noticed was that most of our employer group clients were not offering any type of identity theft protection to their employees. The second thing we noticed was that major insurers and retailers were giving them big time reasons to be doing just that.

These observations prompted us to enter into an exciting new partnership with LifeLock, a leading provider of identity theft protection solutions. What sold us on LifeLock? It mainly came down to two critical sets of criteria. For starters, they own their data, and they don’t sell it. If you ask other theft protection service providers about this, you might be surprised by the answer. LifeLock also offers the tools that we feel consumers want most – a near real-time, multi-channel notification of threats and a large, cross-industry data network that can protect more of that information (it’s not just about credit cards, people!). A $1 million service guarantee didn’t hurt either. Want to learn more? Check out the infographic that we have posted on our website.

So now we’re ready, willing and able to help employers bring the next truly meaningful benefit to their employees. According to an employee benefits study conducted by LifeLock in 2013, 39% of employees said they would be very likely or likely to purchase identity theft production through payroll deduction. The convenience of payroll deduction when it comes to benefits sits at the core of what we do as an administrator. Tie in the related aspects of employee communication, enrollment, toll-free support and premium bill accounting, and what we’ve brought to the table is a convenient, flexible and powerful way for employers to stand out among their employees. That should be important when you consider that every two seconds someone is the victim of identity theft.

We can save the thanks for later – AFTER we help you get your LifeLock on!

Be well (and stay safe!),

Eric Pochas Director of Client Services