COBRA Notice Delivery: Are You Keeping Up?


As recently evidenced in a lawsuit brought against an employer,  providing COBRA notices in a timely fashion (and more importantly, having proof of such), is critical. The lawsuit stated that a former employee claimed that they had not received their COBRA enrollment notice.  Because the employer’s TPA was able to provide a copy of the notice and proof of when the notice was sent, the judge ruled in the employer’s favor. In order to defend against claims, and subsequently court imposed penalties of non-receipt, an employer must be able to demonstrate that the notification, production and mailing of the notice occurred timely.

Baker Tilly Vantagen is committed to delivering timely COBRA notices. With myBenefitDollars, this commitment becomes transparent to our HR partners.  Our portal allows you to view the delivery day and time for each COBRA notice we send out to your employees. The portal also allows you to export a variety of reports. Your communications are built and customized so your team is always in the know.

Our team is your dedicated resource when it comes to COBRA administration.  We like to brag that we provide 24-hour turnaround.  We also ensure all proper protocols to track those notices and lastly, support you in demonstrating proper notification should the need ever arise. Learn more about our COBRA services here.

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